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Characteristics and application of beryllium copper rod

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Update time : 2023-02-01 17:27:05

Beryllium copper rods are used in atmosphere, seawater, fresh water and steam for steam boilers and Marine ship parts. Phosphorous beryllium copper has mechanical function and can be used as grinding parts and elastic parts of high precision machine. Leaded beryllium copper rods are commonly used as grinding parts and plain bearings. Zinc beryllium copper rod can be used for high air tightness casting.

Beryllium content of beryllium copper rods for pressure processing The beryllium content of cast beryllium copper rods. Beryllium copper rod is a non-ferrous metal alloy with low casting shortening rate. It can be used to produce castings with chaotic shapes, clear summary and low air tightness.

Due to the addition of more cobalt or nickel in beryllium copper rod alloys, the dispersion reinforced particles are mostly intermetallic compounds formed by cobalt or nickel and beryllium. In order to improve the strength of the alloy, the alloy is often subjected to a certain degree of cold working after solution heat treatment and before aging heat treatment, in order to achieve a comprehensive strengthening effect of cold hardening and aging hardening. Solution heat treatment is generally carried out by the alloy manufacturer. After heat treatment, the tensile strength, yield strength and hardness of chrome-zirconium copper are increased, and the elongation after breaking is decreased.

Working environment shall have directional exhaust device. Machining, polishing and other processes must be carried out in a wet state with coolant. The standard is: periodic air sampling of beryllium copper rod products operating workshop and its surroundings.

Beryllium copper rod alloy literally means the composite material of two metals, so it has more advantages. For example, beryllium copper rod, as an "elastic" copper alloy, has the advantage of high conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and excellent casting performance. Therefore, its application scope includes explosion-proof tools, wear-resistant parts such as CAM, gear, worm gear, bearing and so on. As usual, it can be calculated by 1 hour /25mm. When beryllium bronze stops solution heating treatment in the atmosphere or oxidizing atmosphere, the outside will form an oxide film.


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