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Characteristics of magnesium alloy strip

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Update time : 2023-03-22 17:41:47

(1) Magnesium alloy strip is the lightest structural material with a density of 1.75 -- 1.85g/cm3. The strip strength of magnesium alloy is obviously higher than that of aluminum alloy and steel, and only slightly lower than that of fiber reinforced materials with the highest specific strength. The specific stiffness is similar to that of aluminum alloy and steel but much higher than that of fiber reinforced materials.

(2) Magnesium alloy strip has good damping performance and lower elastic modulus than aluminum alloy, steel and iron. Under the same stress conditions, it can consume more deformation work, has the functions of noise reduction and vibration reduction, and can withstand larger shock and vibration load, which is suitable for the preparation of seismic parts.

(3) The magnesium alloy strip has good thermal conductivity, thermal stability, anti-electromagnetic interference and shielding performance.

(4) The casting property of magnesium alloy strip is good, magnesium and iron reactivity is very low, iron crucible can be used in smelting, magnesium in unit capacity of low enthalpy, its die casting speed is higher than aluminum, and magnesium castings casting and processing precision is high, magnesium alloy strip can be high-speed machining, high production efficiency, fast solidification in the mold, productivity is 40-50% higher than die casting aluminum. Up to twice, suitable for mass production in the automotive industry.

(5) Magnesium alloy strips have good dimensional stability, stable shrinkage rate, and high dimensional accuracy of castings and finished products. Except magnesium, aluminum and zinc alloys, most magnesium alloy strips have basically zero dimensional change due to phase transformation in the heat treatment process and long-term use.

(6) Excellent cutting performance, its cutting speed is much higher than other metals. When cutting magnesium alloy strip, the cutting tool consumption is low and the cutting power is small. The magnesium alloy strip does not need grinding and polishing after cutting, and the machining surface with very low roughness can be obtained without cutting fluid. In addition, when the magnesium alloy strip is affected by impact or friction, the surface does not produce sparks, which is conducive to production safety.

(7) Compared with plastic materials, magnesium alloy strip can be recycled, with low recycling cost and high recycling rate, which is beneficial to reducing product cost, saving resources and improving the environment.

(8) Liquid magnesium is prone to violent oxidation and combustion, so the smelting of magnesium alloy strip must be carried out under the cover of flux or in a protective atmosphere. Magnesium alloy strip castings need to be protected by SO2, C02 or SF6 gas, or undergo solid solution treatment under vacuum condition, and both solid solution treatment and aging treatment time are long.

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