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Common problems of aluminum plate

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Update time : 2023-01-16 18:34:12

The biggest use of aluminum plate is the appearance of parts or electronic accessories, aluminum plate common problems have the following three points:

1. There are defects on the surface of the aluminum plate

In addition to the cases related to billet, most of the reasons for the surface problems of aluminum plate are derived from the production process of various machines.

2.After oxidation color difference, black silk, sand holes and other defects

There are many reasons for black silk, like the attached machine due to poor management of the rolling mill oil drops, such as too much pressure or too much tension caused by the indentation on the board, if the thin material rolling, these dark marks will become more and more fine, forming dark or black lines, and sometimes it is not clear whether it is oil or marks, or even on the surface can not see what color difference, But after oxidation, the performance is very obvious, for customers, to see the appearance of inconsistent phenomenon, is definitely to refuse. Black silk after oxidation is the most life, once this situation, almost no room for survival, the loss and consequences are irreparable. Secondly, color difference, generally do appearance parts of the product, color difference can not appear, any customer is unwilling to accept similar "two skin face" said of the product, to eliminate these problems, or rely on the source machine to control.

The reason for sand holes: sand holes are generally internal structure problems, in the casting billet ingot because of impurities or water vapor did not exclude clean, or other elements did not stir evenly and other factors caused, so it is required to control and detect the ingot at this source.

Three, performance requirements: tensile strength, hardness, elongation, bending requirements, etc

As for the performance problem, the most is bending deformation, this link because the customer's product use is different, can not be generalized, but in general in annealing this link, how much temperature, how long time, how thick to retreat, is a standard.

Aluminum plate is widely used, and the product classification is more, but as long as attention is paid to the control of each link, the common problems are well controlled at the source, the process is stable, the products will certainly be favored by the market!

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