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Environmental protection tin wire production process and flow

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Update time : 2023-02-09 17:51:39

Environmental protection tin wire not only has the characteristics of fast soldering speed, solid welding, but also has the dual function of fast soldering of copper and stainless steel material, and after slightly adjusting the production process, the development of automatic welding special tin wire products, can be applied to the soldering operation of automatic soldering machine, enhance the versatility of soldering wire, to add some convenience to the production process of customers. Environmental protection stainless steel tin wire product features:

1. Good conductivity, wettability, thermal conductivity, easy to tin.

2. According to customer needs customized rosin content %, welding no splash.

3. The flux distribution is uniform, no broken flux phenomenon in the tin core.

4. Winding uniform, no knot, tin speed, less residue.

5. Tin wire diameter size from 0.5-3.0mm can be customized production.

The production step of environment-friendly tin wire is the detection of tin, lead, rosin and anti-oxidant. The inspectors check that the material meets the standards and then transfer it to production.


The first step is the melting of environmentally friendly stainless steel tin wire. After debugging the main and auxiliary materials in a certain proportion, they are put into the furnace to melt. After melting, anti-oxidant is added to cover the surface, (in order to prevent the oxidation of tin material to produce tin dioxide), and the temperature is slightly stirred to make it completely dissolved.

The second step is the casting blank of tin material, heating to oil in the process of fusion, the use of oil, electric heating should have the corresponding special heating furnace, can automatically stir the temperature and time for a good automatic control, reduce the possibility of human factors caused by the melting of tin material into the mold, cast into a rod billet.

The third production step is the extrusion wire, in the whole production process of solder wire, the extrusion of tin material is the key, because the extrusion is a key link in the whole production process, if the extrusion is not up to the standard will lead to solder wire quality problems, in order to ensure the production of high quality products, the extrusion to carry out tight control. In the process of extrusion discontinuous silk according to the requirements of production can be made round silk, shut silk, thick silk, thickness of different molds can be made.

The fourth production step of winding, the operation of winding smooth under automatic control can count the number of winding, winding will appear uneven, uneven situation in the production should pay attention to these problems.

The fifth step is the packaging and inspection of the solder wire into storage.

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