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How to avoid the quality defect of brass tape

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Update time : 2023-02-24 15:44:35

The proper selection, design and operation of brass belt is directly related to the prevention of deformation and cracking of parts. It has been proved that if the following measures are taken for brass belt, the quality of brass belt can be effectively avoided.

The correct selection of brass belt to the shape of the complex, wide cross-section, cross-sectional area and other large workpiece, brass belt should be preferred to use a lot of alloy steel hardenability, so you can choose slow cooling medium quenching, can reduce the deformation and cracking tendency; For the die and measuring tool with complex shape and high precision, the micro-deformed steel should be choose, and the fractional quenching and isothermal quenching should be used to reduce the deformation.

The purpose of rational forging and annealing of brass belt is to eliminate carbide net and carbide segregation. The spheroidizing annealing process is adopted to reduce hardness and facilitate mechanical cutting, and to prepare for heat treatment.

Reasonable design of the shape of the brass belt in the design process should take into account the shape of the heat treatment process is easy to produce heat treatment quality defects, as far as possible to avoid thin wall, sharp Angle and other sections of the wide gap, as well as grooves, cross section mutation and other specific circumstances, increase the process hole, strive for symmetry, can also be reserved for the weak part of the reinforcement.

(4) In the workpiece loading, loading, baking and other operation process, choose reasonable tooling and fixture; In the way of binding, try to avoid hanging on the upper part of the parts; The direction of quenching cooling should be choose correctly according to the specific requirements of the specific shape of the parts; For local (such as sharp corners, grooves, do not need quenching parts, etc.) adopt protective measures.

(5) Prevent surface oxidation and decarbonization of parts with specific requirements for the surface state, in the process of preheating and heating, if the heating atmosphere or medium in the furnace oxidizing, resulting in oxidation and decarbonization of the surface of the parts, the surface and the internal organization is different after quenching, the internal stress will cause deformation and cracking of the workpiece, so the surface should be protected, Such as coating, salt bath furnace, controlled atmosphere furnace, vacuum furnace, flow particle furnace, etc., can effectively avoid the brass belt quality defects.

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