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The advantages and applications of magnesium alloy forgings

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Update time : 2023-02-27 18:38:52

In recent years, with the solution of corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy forgings, magnesium occupancy increases greatly. What are the advantages of magnesium alloy forging processing? What parts of automobile can magnesium alloy be processed?

1. Advantages of magnesium alloy forging processing:

First, magnesium is a processed material and has the following advantages: Magnesium itself has very little density and is about one-third lighter than aluminum. The use of magnesium alloy forgings is conducive to the lightweight of vehicles, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions. Meanwhile, the specific strength of magnesium alloy is higher than that of aluminum alloy and steel, and it is more like steel than that of rigid and aluminum alloy. In addition, magnesium has excellent body elastic absorption performance to absorb vibration and noise, and is widely used in automobile seat system, body structure, transmission system, chassis and other parts. Magnesium alloy forging has good casting property and dimensional stability, good workability and can reduce production cost. Magnesium alloy can be recovered with low recovery cost and high recovery rate.

Two, magnesium alloy can be processed auto parts.

Currently, there are more than 100 types of auto parts, which can be divided into parts shell and parts base. Magnesium alloy forgings are machined into shell fittings. Several commonly used light, engine, cylinder head, engine, gearbox trunk back cover inner plate and other enclosures.

1. Magnesium alloy forging worker support accessories. Common market body shell frame, instrument panel bone, car mirror, seat, seat frame, etc.

2. Driven by technology, the forging production of magnesium alloy forgings has reached a mature level of industrialization. In the process of industrialization, what are the requirements for the selection of production process and equipment? Which product is more suitable for magnesium alloy forging?

3. For common production, it is recommended to use a parallel insulation and smelting system of two furnaces. One furnace is an adiabatic furnace, and the seal is not opened during production, with protective gas seal protection, and the other furnace is especially melted magnesium. In order to reduce the cost, the smelting furnace can use off-the-shelf magnesium alloy converter furnace. Due to the high production efficiency of hot chamber horizontal magnesium alloy forgings, small magnesium alloy blanks are produced as follows: When large specification hot chamber horizontal magnesium alloy die casting forgings are required, current equipment manufacturers will require longer order times.

4. Even under limited conditions, cold chamber horizontal magnesium alloy forging machine can be used to produce very large magnesium alloy casting forgings. It is recommended to use melting furnace to produce ready-made magnesium alloy converter furnace. Quantitatively speaking, the current use of mature equipment, but the cost is relatively high. If replaced with flame-retardant magnesium alloy forgings, the corresponding process and equipment also need to change, if the customer has no requirements for gold varieties, it is recommended to use flame-retardant magnesium alloy forgings.

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